BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad

BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad |

This is a great recipe for lunch or dinner!
The more colourful your salad looks, the better it is for your body.


  • one chicken breasts (grilled or baked) – topped with BBQ sauce
  • one cup of corn OR mixed vegetables (you could even use the green giant frozen bag of mixed vegetables which has carrots, corn, peas and beans – all already chopped up for you)
  • half a cup diced tomatoes and onions
  • light dressing (flavour of your choice) – tip: pour dressing onto a spoon first and spread around salad instead of pouring the bottle directly on top. salads sometimes are excessive in salad dressing.
  • half a cup crushed tortilla chips (optional)
  • half a cup assorted nuts (optional) – cashews, peanuts, walnuts
  • half a cup shredded cheddar cheese and monterey jack cheese


1. prepare your vegetables – get them chopped up and diced, separated in bowls
2. prepare your chicken – either bake your chicken (according to its instructions) or grill on a pan. Slice into strips or dice. spread BBQ sauce on top halfway through baking/grilling
3. place salad in bowl. follow with your vegetables. mix. add chicken and dressing. add any of the optional ingredients (nuts, tortilla chips)
4. get ready to get this yummy in your  tummy!

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